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With the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket Device, you will enjoy an excellent and productive cleaning journey with minimal labor and little mess.Some mop systems have two compartments for clean water and either dirty water or water with cleaner.

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With the O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop and Bucket System, you will enjoy an effective and efficient cleaning experience with minimal labor and little mess.Its triangular mop head allows for cleaning in hard-to-reach.

This 360 degree new design magic mop is perfect for door, kitchen, bathroom, lobby.

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O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System. 136 likes.

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Whether you have hardwood, ceramic or vinyl, EasyWring will make your cleaning job easier.To wring this mop out, you can use the bucket and EasyWring pedal to spin the mop head and wring out the cleaning pad.The spin mop offers multiple functions to make it the only mop you need.Press the pedal once, twice or three times for various levels of moisture wringing.The washing spin cycle makes washing the mop easy - just fill the water up to them max line, and connect the mop to the washing spinner inside the bucket.

About Spin Mops A spin mop is one of the primary tools to use to get your home as clean as possible.This system uses one compartment, but the pedal wringer does help a lot with this issue.Hi Melissa, While I do own a couple of the mops, swiffer wet mop and a ocedar microfiber dry mop.

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With the O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System, you will enjoy an effective and efficient cleaning experience with minimal lab or and little mess.Spin mops are regular floor mops that include a system for wringing out excess water.

Manufactured by TeleBrands and based out of Fairfield, NJ, the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop uses Centrifugal Drying Technology, along with a 360-degree swivel head, to cut your cleaning time in half.Absorbent mop head can effectively remove fouling and do fully cleaning without damaging floors.

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A built-in pump sprays the mop pad with clean water to rinse the pad clean.The Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Spin Mop has a very handy self-wringing mechanism that spins the mop head around in a cage as you gently press on the foot pedal.Just dip the mop head in the washer side and the dirty mess releases into the bucket.Its triangular mop head allows f or cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

Place the head of the mop into the water and allow it to get properly drenched.

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A two-compartment bucket allows users to clean the mop by washing it in one compartment, and then applying centrifugal force (via a foot pedal) to dry off the mop head in the other compartment.It also eliminates the need for a dirty mop bucket (with water and dirt and who knows what else), because it has a tank right on the handle.All you need to do to get started, is simply screw the three segments of the mop handle together and attach the micro-fiber mop head to the aluminum tube handle.Our spin mop and bucket system,PVA mop,sponges Mop and Flat mop are designed and engineered to make cleaning easier.

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